Barn Round 3.3…

Well, here’s looking back at Round 3 of helping build his barn.  Today was hampered by his 10 year old compressor giving up the ghost for dead.  Well, not quite completely for sure, but we stopped before we set fire to the tinder dry Sierra Foothills.  So that took a while to go “to town” and get a new one, and then his generator wasn’t running the compressor correctly so we begged power from a neighbor to test it and finish up the last few boards we knew we could get done.


This was the last piece of fibrecement facia board that we had to install.  Not too bad a job, considering neither of us is a professional carpenter.  Lots of tedious cutting angles and going up and down multiple ladders.  But in the end it really adds to the overall appeal of the barn.  A good design choice.


Here’s a closer shot of one of two edges on the lower roof that I was able to infall the drip edge metal flashing, which is designed to help the roofing system shed water off the roof.  This is the north side, and I also got the lower roof edge on the south side done as well.  Lots of little details you never think of.


Here is the final look of the weekend, with Moby safely parked back “inside” the barn.

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