Barn Round 3.2…

Here’s the progress we made yesterday. Doesn’t look like much, but that’s what happens when you get two guys building a barn with no home building experience.

This is how we got the almost 12′ long fiber cement trim boards in place on the second story and held them there while we nailed them in. Took us like 2+ hours on the first one to figure it out. Each piece is like 2-3 time as heavy as a regular wood board of equal size.

This was trimming the roof substrate back to the exact edge of the sheeting to install the third high trim board.

Here’s one last picture of the fiddly facia board we had to cut for each of the corners since the runs were like 4″ longer than the boards come in. There were 8 of these fiddly bits on the lower roof, but none on the upper roof fortunately.

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