Monthly Archives: January 2016

Love Shack…

This is the latest incarnation of a book nook I build for the classroom of my older daughter’s teacher. She wanted a cozy nook for kids to read in, and this sort of faux building is what I went to school for. She updates it occasionally for certain units/lessons  or seasonal themes. This was for Valentines day.

Pretty Gravel…

It may sound ridiculous, but getting this gravel spread around the barn was so huge. It will keep dust down in the dry season, and allow better access during subsequent muddy hell days. Here’s couple angles of the “finished” gravel project.

We laid down I think it was 6-foot wide weed cloth under the gravel, and as I got better at driving the skid steer, we didn’t have to do many wheel barrow loads. did the majority of the fine level spreading by hand, but I was able to get most of the bulk fairly close to the needed areas.

This was our reward for our hard work, a day of fun at Heavenly Resort.

No, Really, More Barn Stuff…

Ok, here’s some actual barn stuff, I promise.

This was the tracked skid steer we rented from the local Home Depot. We had a lot of work ahead of us, and I managed to single handedly end the drought in CA. Well, it just felt like that, but there were several days of rain ahead of my arrival, and it rained through our first day of planning and ordering materials, and well into our actual work day. It was miserable, but the fine folks at don’t take a day off when labor flies in from out of state.

Here’s the Head Goat getting the first shot at operating the rental toy.

Here I am, clearing around the barn, preparing for the gravel. I spend several hours in that thing, and had no idea how tired I was until I got out.

And here’s the truckload of gravel, the special on the wall of the landscape supply place is what we got.  If I remember correctly, it was a special deal on a full truck load 13-yards or so for the price of 10, delivered. For reference, that’s approximately a metric butt ton.

A Past Life…

Killing time with a rental car, I went for a tour of some of my old haunts in CA.

I call this my first apartment, but really I lived in 2 different apartments in this building. It’s surreal thinking of  how this building hasn’t really changed at all.

This was one of my favorite old school electronics stores, Halted or HSC. Surplus, new, used, parts, you name it and they probably had at lease one. They were about to move when I took these pictures. Hey cool, just looked them up, and they’ve successfully moved. I don’t pretend to be nerdy enough to know what to do with like 85% of the stuff in there, but I miss having them as a nearby resource. The only similar store I’ve found in the Front Range closed/was evicted a while ago, so I’m happy to see them apparently well.

Alright, here’s the last one: Musson Theatrical. I started renting equipment here in high school for shows, ended up working there for a while after college graduation, and then finally escaped that whole world after my wife and I moved our family. A fun, if not crazy time.