Monthly Archives: November 2014

The Days Are Getting Shorter…

They are getting noticeably shorter these day, it being fall and everything.  It’s especially noticeable for me, as my job had me at certain locations every day, at fairly consistent times.  And having 3-day weekends most weeks, due to my 4/10 schedule, makes the profession that much more noticeable.  That being said, the sunsets over the last few nights have been spectacular.  Living basically right against the continental divide provides a dramatic setting as well.


The first night recently that I have stopped to take a couple pictures, only having my cell phone with me, and remembering that I have been meaning to toss my point and shoot digital in my work bag.


Hard to get great shots with the lack of manual options on my phone software, but I like the composure on this one, which you should be able to make out if there isn’t too much glare on your screen.

Day 2 Sunset

More spectacular colors the next night, and I played a little with the exposure in a different app, but still really wished I had a better/real camera.