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Barn Round 3.3…

Well, here’s looking back at Round 3 of helping build his barn.  Today was hampered by his 10 year old compressor giving up the ghost for dead.  Well, not quite completely for sure, but we stopped before we set fire to the tinder dry Sierra Foothills.  So that took a while to go “to town” and get a new one, and then his generator wasn’t running the compressor correctly so we begged power from a neighbor to test it and finish up the last few boards we knew we could get done.


This was the last piece of fibrecement facia board that we had to install.  Not too bad a job, considering neither of us is a professional carpenter.  Lots of tedious cutting angles and going up and down multiple ladders.  But in the end it really adds to the overall appeal of the barn.  A good design choice.


Here’s a closer shot of one of two edges on the lower roof that I was able to infall the drip edge metal flashing, which is designed to help the roofing system shed water off the roof.  This is the north side, and I also got the lower roof edge on the south side done as well.  Lots of little details you never think of.


Here is the final look of the weekend, with Moby safely parked back “inside” the barn.

Barn Round 3.2…

Here’s the progress we made yesterday. Doesn’t look like much, but that’s what happens when you get two guys building a barn with no home building experience.

This is how we got the almost 12′ long fiber cement trim boards in place on the second story and held them there while we nailed them in. Took us like 2+ hours on the first one to figure it out. Each piece is like 2-3 time as heavy as a regular wood board of equal size.

This was trimming the roof substrate back to the exact edge of the sheeting to install the third high trim board.

Here’s one last picture of the fiddly facia board we had to cut for each of the corners since the runs were like 4″ longer than the boards come in. There were 8 of these fiddly bits on the lower roof, but none on the upper roof fortunately.

Barn Round 3…

Here’s a quick post on our progress, mostly to show my family some pictures of what we’ve been doing.

This is a before shot, but the facia boards are what we did most of on the other 3 sides on both levels.

The first part we did on the back side.

A view of the ladders to get all the way up.

The friend I’m helping up on the upper roof figuring out how to solve a problem.

Making the last few cuts of the day to get boards on the sides of the barn.

GABF 2014…

It’s kinda sad, I only took one picture at GABF this year, but really how many pictures of a giant convention center will really look any different.  Had a couple of friends in town for it this year, a good time was had by all.  Kinda funny that what has turned into a yearly event in my life happened totally by accident.  The cast of characters grew by one this year to three total, as my brother in law joined our small crew.

GABF 2014

This was a brewery I liked, and I can’t even really see who it was.  And it was fairly early in the session…

New Belgium Brewing…

It’s take me until now, well actually two months ago, to get a  reservation for a tour at the New Belgium Brewing brewery.  And I totally lucked out and got two spaces on the thursday of GABF 2014 weekend, and I didn’t remember til like a day or two after they went up for reservations.  I still remember the first Fat Tire beer I had, at Microbrews for the Environment at the Boulder Theatre either my junior or senior year.  Very cool, and very happy to see how their ethics have directly contributed to their success.


This was the first beer we got to sample on the New Belgium Brewing tour I took this past weekend with while he was in town for GABF 2014.  It was a barrel aged beer brewed with bret yeast.  I’ll look up the name and update this with details if I remember, there’s a bottle in my fridge upstairs.  Oh yeah, did I mention our tour guide Dave was awesome?  He took our more knowledgeable questions right in stride with the novice questions from the rest of the guests on the tour.  Clearly loves where he works.


Very humble beginnings, cool to see.  Almost like something I’d cluge together when brewing with friends.


Artsy shot of the final of 5 different beers we sampled on the tour, overlooking their back parking lot from the tour area at the bottling line.


I forget which the beer on the left was, I had had several by that point, and some deliciousness from the taco truck at the brewery.  The beer on the right was a free sample of Fat Tire they gave out to everyone at the tap room to commemorate their 50,000th batch brewed of Fat Tire.  Pretty cool.  Loved their tap room, too bad it’s over an hour drive from home.  Oh well, for special occasions with friends.


This is what happens at the end of a fun afternoon when you find a nickel on the table and are unsuccessful at trying to play quarters with it…