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Start Shelf

I know it sounds a bit crazy, but I need more storage in my 3-car garage.  Well, at least I need better storage.  So I decided to put shelves over my workbench to store my hardware and tools and such.  This is the basic version I made.  Then I decided I want more support and better anchoring to the studs in back.  So the next picture shows what I came up with.


Here you can see an additional support that goes up to the rafter on the left side.  I also used rated Spax screws to anchor the back edges of the shelves to the studs.  I’ve always like Spax screws, and for this project it was especially nice that they listed the shear strength on the boxes at Home Depot.  Way over engineered, but I’m like that at times.  Now I’m just working on sorting stuff into bins and I still have to install a work light on the underside of the lower shelf.  But it’s basically what I wanted, so I’m happy with the results.

“Last” BBQ of Summer…

Last BBQ

Well, this may have been it for the year.  You’re looking at the likely last BBQ of the summer, and possibly the year.  I know the post shows a date of the 22nd which is all but Fall, but this was last week on my Monday off.  Generally I cook dinner on my day off during the week due to my 4/10 schedule, and this was one of only a few non-thunderstormy afternoons I had off all summer.  At least we got a ton of rain this year, knock on wood, and not to torment CA or

Mmmm, Iced Coffee…

New Iced Pot

Here’s my new iced coffee pot.  Yeah, it was kind of an impulse purchase, but I have been looking for a good method to make iced coffee.  This one got good reviews when I came across it, so I gave it a shot.

Starting the First Batch

Basically, you add 80g of corse ground coffee into the filter basket and then pour water over the ground, stirring occasionally to ensure complete saturation.  Fairly simple.  If I use this often, I might get pre-round coffee.

First Batch Dripping

And here’s the first batch dripping.  I let it steep in the fridge overnight, about 12 hours.  I was fairly good.  From what I read online, there is a good amount of tweaking that can be done.  I think the beans I had onhand might have been a little stale.  But definitely shows promise, and still cheaper than Starbucks, or wherever I’m closest to, even with the amount of beans you use.