Monthly Archives: December 2013

‘Tis the Weekend to Shop and Decorate…

I will say this, that I always intended to put up my outdoor Christmas lights and decorations this weekend.  I somehow go lucky and my rotating 4-day weekend lined up with Thanksgiving, which is awesome and gives me five days off leading into my crazy Christmas season at work.  So here are my lights:

Dec 2013 Christmas Lights Front


This is the front of my house.  I would swear my bushes, the cluster of lights on the left side, grew ginormously this year.  In reality, the probably grew enough to warrant one additional string of lights, but I think I liked the density that I started out installing this year, and it took two more strings.  At least I didn’t have to chase all over the Metro area this year to get the last two strings that Home Depot had in the state.  I can’t believe how early they have sold out of lights, this year and last.  But I don’t think I’ll add any more until I possibly buy the 1000′ foot spool for next year.

Dec 2013 Christmas Lights Back


This is my back yard fence, the slight swag just left of center is where I have a gate which leads to the walking path we back up to.  Since we use it to pick up our daughter from school when we are able to with work and all, it needs to remain operational.  Not easy to do, but I made it work.  I’m probably going to switch this up next year, which is where the 1000′ spools of light would come in.  There are two ~30′ spruce trees which you can barely make out the outlines of, which I really want to light with warm white C9 LED strings.  But to not use like 5000 lights per tree, I want to go to 12″-18″ spacing that you see on larger commercial or civic installations.  But that might fall to budget concerns.  Maybe LED pricing will come down this year…