Monthly Archives: November 2013

Getting Ready For Winter…

Well, I shouldn’t really complain, it’s been an amazing fall out here in Colorado.  Many days it approaches 70 degrees, only cold first thing in the morning and late a night.  I actually want more snow, I’d like to try out my new skis I bought at Sniagrab.  My first pair of “real” skis in like 20 years, I’ve been skiing on snow blades for like 10 years now.  I got tired this last season with the little skis, they just don’t cut it with deep powder and they can get sketchy on ice.  Last season being the first year where I actually had a significant number of skiing days, 8.  Well, I know that’s not really significant compared to the guy I rode up the gondola with on my last day, he had like 113 days last year.  I had hoped to hit double digits, which is my goal this year.  Here’s to good snow.  At least it’s not a 4+ hour drive each way now.

Window Well Cover

This was the final result of my proof of concept for my window well covers.  It looks really nice in place, I stained it with the same stain we just had our deck restrained with.  It’s also really heavy, so I’ll have to slightly reengineer it for the window that is technically an egress window.  But it’s sturdier than I imagined, I was able to stand carefully on it and it felt fairly sturdy.  I personally wouldn’t jump on it, but it’ll keep kids safe, which was the main point.  I plan to at some point write a single post detailing the entire process, but that’s not for right now.

Gate Stopper


This is the new stopper I installed on the gate that and I installed last fall.  The old one took a lot more force than I really bargained for, and was substantially bent.  So I replaced it with this piece of angle steel and some nice long lag screws.  Should last a while.

It Almost Looks Like a Barn…

Top Floor first Day


Here’s how I spent 4 days last weekend.  I flew out to CA to help my friend try to make a lot of progress towards getting his barn weathertight before those brutal CA winters.

Wall Raising

It’s looking fairly respectable, especially for one guy and his ragtag band of occasional assistants, none of whom have ever built a permitted structure as far as I know.

End of Day 4


So this is the progress we made. Fourth wall upstairs, last couple sections of roof sheathing you can’t see on the far side, sheathing the remainder of the downstairs and doorway to loft, and the first half of the ledger for the side you can see(just above the ladder peaking up in the middle.  Would have like to get farther, but there is still some good work weekends for him before the typical CA winter rains start in January or so.  It feels good to stretch myself on a project this big, but it also reminds me I’m not getting any younger and 15 years at my job have certainly not helped that.