Monthly Archives: October 2013

A Really Expensive Washer…

Stainless Washer

Well, you wouldn’t think that a washer should cost $40, but this one is special.  Well, it’s not technically a washer, per se.  Its a piece of stainless steel I had cut to a washer shape.  You see, whomever installed the faucet in my kitchen cut the hole in the tile counter top too large, so the faucet head can’t really get a good purchase to stay put.  I made a proof of concept out of some 28gauge sheet metal from Home Depot, and it worded great.  I just wanted to use stainless so it would last forever and I also wanted it to be a good deal thicker.  I found a metal shop on my route, and they made this for me.  Now I just have to get around to installing it.


Christmas Creep…


So I was kinda “published” on as a result of a cool looking tableau I saw at my local HomeDepot the other night. They had a straggling of pumpkins outside the main entrance, eerily lit by the normal store light. But behind it, inside the main entrance voyer, there was a selection of lit Christmas trees and decorations. It created a cool photo, and I submitted it to The Consumerist as an example of Christmas “creep”. In case you don’t already read The Consumerist, “Holiday Creep” is when retailers start promoting a new holiday well before the next upcoming holiday has even occurred. Just kinda cool to be “published” on a site from Consumer Reports.