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Coin Cells…

Ah, the joys of parenthood. If you’re a parent with kids who have toys that take somewhat unusual batteries, you surely know my angst. Or if your kids just tend to leave toys on, thus draining said slightly unusual batteries.

And this is not even the first time I’ve resorted to preemptively buying a bulk lot of batteries from Amazon or eBay…I need to make a bunch of blinky lights…


I didn’t post pictures of the actual damage to my wife’s car, but these pictures show the end of the day of the storm after I took my wife’s car to work because of how snowy it already was at ~0530. It was a snow day for school, and I finally made it all the way to work, getting rear ended on the way in, and then they sent us home after only 2 hours…I was not happy…

A Past Life…

Killing time with a rental car, I went for a tour of some of my old haunts in CA.

I call this my first apartment, but really I lived in 2 different apartments in this building. It’s surreal thinking of  how this building hasn’t really changed at all.

This was one of my favorite old school electronics stores, Halted or HSC. Surplus, new, used, parts, you name it and they probably had at lease one. They were about to move when I took these pictures. Hey cool, just looked them up, and they’ve successfully moved. I don’t pretend to be nerdy enough to know what to do with like 85% of the stuff in there, but I miss having them as a nearby resource. The only similar store I’ve found in the Front Range closed/was evicted a while ago, so I’m happy to see them apparently well.

Alright, here’s the last one: Musson Theatrical. I started renting equipment here in high school for shows, ended up working there for a while after college graduation, and then finally escaped that whole world after my wife and I moved our family. A fun, if not crazy time.

Happy Holidays Superior, CO

A fun addition to some of our town statuary, some cold weather gear appropriate for the holidays.  Can’t take credit for the idea, someone did it the first year we moved here.  The tradition seems to have fallen by the wayside the last couple years, so I decided to revive it.  A trip to the thrift on half off Saturday, a few zip ties, and the sheriffs deputy who just kept on driving when they saw me installing the gear.

I swear these statues used to by lit by permanent lighting, but there was no fixture there when I installed the scarves.  So, wanting the installation to be visible at night I bought a solar garden flood light to illuminate it.  I let it charge all day in my yard and I installed it after dinner tonight. I set it to its low setting, so it should last all night. 

Mmmm, Iced Coffee…

New Iced Pot

Here’s my new iced coffee pot.  Yeah, it was kind of an impulse purchase, but I have been looking for a good method to make iced coffee.  This one got good reviews when I came across it, so I gave it a shot.

Starting the First Batch

Basically, you add 80g of corse ground coffee into the filter basket and then pour water over the ground, stirring occasionally to ensure complete saturation.  Fairly simple.  If I use this often, I might get pre-round coffee.

First Batch Dripping

And here’s the first batch dripping.  I let it steep in the fridge overnight, about 12 hours.  I was fairly good.  From what I read online, there is a good amount of tweaking that can be done.  I think the beans I had onhand might have been a little stale.  But definitely shows promise, and still cheaper than Starbucks, or wherever I’m closest to, even with the amount of beans you use.

And the Heavens Opened…

Wow, last night we had a crazy hail storm, basically out of nowhere.  They were only predicting a 30% chance of thunderstorms, and we got literally golf ball sized hail.  Ok, only a few were that big but most were cherry or marble sized.  But man, never saw anything like it before.

Below was the first shot I took from my garage, only a minute or so after I got my car inside.  Not that my car is anything special, but it could have been a big mess.

Hail From Garage

Next here is a waterfall of hail going off the back side of our roof and onto our deck.  The hail was basically flowing like water.  Yes, I know there was water mixed in, but it sure looked like it was hail flowing.

Hail Waterfall

Looking the other way out to our back yard

Hail to Left Out Back Door


Here’s the final total of the hail at the end out the downpour.  Granted, a lot of this flowed off our roof, but it looks like we had a snow storm in July.

All Hail the Deck


Here’s the aftermath view of our front yard

Front Yard Aftermath

And one more, the view of our neighbors driveway and car.  Don’t feel too bad about the Explorer, its place in the garage was taken up by the Corvette.

Neighbors Driveway

Looking around our house today, it looks like we came out fairly well.  No leaking windows, no visible siding damage, and no roof damage I could see from the ground.  Only thing I really had to do was rake up two bags of leaves that were knocked out of out two big trees in the front and back yards.  Knock on wood…

Ahh, Spring…

Well, typical of spring in Colorado, it was a beautiful and sunny 75° on Friday.  Today, it’s 32° and snowing.  And I thought cabin fever was over.  At least I got to go skiing on thursday.

First Grill of the Season…

First Grill

Well, it was finally nice enough to grill this evening.  Well, that and I finally got the grill assembled.  And got a hand getting it from my garage around to the deck on the back of my house.  But it works.  Even the gas parts I assembled myself work and I didn’t blow myself up.  And there is now a 30% chance of snow tonight. Gotta love spring in Colorado.


Getting Ready For Winter…

Well, I shouldn’t really complain, it’s been an amazing fall out here in Colorado.  Many days it approaches 70 degrees, only cold first thing in the morning and late a night.  I actually want more snow, I’d like to try out my new skis I bought at Sniagrab.  My first pair of “real” skis in like 20 years, I’ve been skiing on snow blades for like 10 years now.  I got tired this last season with the little skis, they just don’t cut it with deep powder and they can get sketchy on ice.  Last season being the first year where I actually had a significant number of skiing days, 8.  Well, I know that’s not really significant compared to the guy I rode up the gondola with on my last day, he had like 113 days last year.  I had hoped to hit double digits, which is my goal this year.  Here’s to good snow.  At least it’s not a 4+ hour drive each way now.

Window Well Cover

This was the final result of my proof of concept for my window well covers.  It looks really nice in place, I stained it with the same stain we just had our deck restrained with.  It’s also really heavy, so I’ll have to slightly reengineer it for the window that is technically an egress window.  But it’s sturdier than I imagined, I was able to stand carefully on it and it felt fairly sturdy.  I personally wouldn’t jump on it, but it’ll keep kids safe, which was the main point.  I plan to at some point write a single post detailing the entire process, but that’s not for right now.

Gate Stopper


This is the new stopper I installed on the gate that and I installed last fall.  The old one took a lot more force than I really bargained for, and was substantially bent.  So I replaced it with this piece of angle steel and some nice long lag screws.  Should last a while.

Christmas Creep…


So I was kinda “published” on as a result of a cool looking tableau I saw at my local HomeDepot the other night. They had a straggling of pumpkins outside the main entrance, eerily lit by the normal store light. But behind it, inside the main entrance voyer, there was a selection of lit Christmas trees and decorations. It created a cool photo, and I submitted it to The Consumerist as an example of Christmas “creep”. In case you don’t already read The Consumerist, “Holiday Creep” is when retailers start promoting a new holiday well before the next upcoming holiday has even occurred. Just kinda cool to be “published” on a site from Consumer Reports.