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Ok, I Know This is Picky…

I will freely admit I can be particular about parts for projects I do.  I can obsess to near madness about finding a part or source for a part that is exactly what I want. Here’s a couple pictures to illustrate that

These a just some ordinary door stops, but a very heavy/solid example that I have always used in my past homes. Well, my new house needed some door stops replaced, and it turns out that Home Depot near me no longer carried these exact ones. So I went online.

Here’s a slightly more specialized door stop that I tracked down from a small east coast hardware store, online of course.  It’s a nubby door stop, for hallways and such where you want to prevent doorhandles from hitting walls and such.  Seems silly, but they really do well, and I may have ordered several extra, stashing them in one of my boxes of hardware in the garage, for future use.

My New Toy…

Here she is, in all her glory.  Why is it that most guys tend to make machines feminine and call them by a girls name.  After shoveling 6″ of snow four times in the last few days I finally had enough.  I’ve been wanting one for a couple years and I finally pulled the trigger after trying to toss all of the snow over the berms that developed on both sides of my driveway.

Here it is squeezed into my wife’s suv, handle folded down.  Should get to try it this weekend, as we have snow forcast on and off thru Wednesday next week.

Snow Blower First Use

So here it is.  All I ended up getting to use it for this year was to clear off the third driveway space where my wife had piled snow so I could drive into the garage without having to shovel first.  Oh well, at least I got to test it, it works, and is ready for nest season.