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Labor Day Barn Projects Part 2…

Ok, here is the second reason for the and work party…there were a few minor details to finish up on the actual barn itself. The final inspection was scheduled for the next day, and we had a couple minor details from the inspectors punch list left.

Here’s a picture of some of the last bits of trim up under the front edge of the eaves of the barn:

And here is the proverbial last nail, well ok, actually I think there was one more nail in the corner here that I didn’t catch a photo of, but hey, second to last nail:

And, last, but not least, the all important paper…and a well deserved drink…

Ok, I’ll explain what this is. This paper is the official final inspection sign off from the building inspector. Meaning that for all legal purposes, the Barn is complete! But as anyone with a major project and a tinkering attitude knows, it’s never really complete…

Coin Cells…

Ah, the joys of parenthood. If you’re a parent with kids who have toys that take somewhat unusual batteries, you surely know my angst. Or if your kids just tend to leave toys on, thus draining said slightly unusual batteries.

And this is not even the first time I’ve resorted to preemptively buying a bulk lot of batteries from Amazon or eBay…I need to make a bunch of blinky lights…

A Past Life…

Killing time with a rental car, I went for a tour of some of my old haunts in CA.

I call this my first apartment, but really I lived in 2 different apartments in this building. It’s surreal thinking of  how this building hasn’t really changed at all.

This was one of my favorite old school electronics stores, Halted or HSC. Surplus, new, used, parts, you name it and they probably had at lease one. They were about to move when I took these pictures. Hey cool, just looked them up, and they’ve successfully moved. I don’t pretend to be nerdy enough to know what to do with like 85% of the stuff in there, but I miss having them as a nearby resource. The only similar store I’ve found in the Front Range closed/was evicted a while ago, so I’m happy to see them apparently well.

Alright, here’s the last one: Musson Theatrical. I started renting equipment here in high school for shows, ended up working there for a while after college graduation, and then finally escaped that whole world after my wife and I moved our family. A fun, if not crazy time.

Happy Holidays Superior, CO

A fun addition to some of our town statuary, some cold weather gear appropriate for the holidays.  Can’t take credit for the idea, someone did it the first year we moved here.  The tradition seems to have fallen by the wayside the last couple years, so I decided to revive it.  A trip to the thrift on half off Saturday, a few zip ties, and the sheriffs deputy who just kept on driving when they saw me installing the gear.

I swear these statues used to by lit by permanent lighting, but there was no fixture there when I installed the scarves.  So, wanting the installation to be visible at night I bought a solar garden flood light to illuminate it.  I let it charge all day in my yard and I installed it after dinner tonight. I set it to its low setting, so it should last all night. 

Lawn Beer Holder

Here’s a flashback to my childhood, and visiting my grandmother in Wisconsin.  A really cool drink holder for you yard, that you stick into your lawn next to wherever you’ve plopped down your chair.  Found it at my favorite hardware store in Boulder, McGuckin’s Hardware.  Their website isn’t the best, but their store can’t be beat.  An old fashioned hardware store where they’re happy to sell you a couple 7¢ screw, staple them in a paper bag, and send you on your way with advice.  Plus, my daughters love going with me, as they usually get a small treat.  I love exposing them to what a real hardware store is, and I want them to be able to shop there for their lifetimes as well.  Here’s a four-pack from Amazon, I was able to buy singles at McGuckin’s, but I couldn’t find an option to purchase singles online.