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Happy Holidays Superior, CO

A fun addition to some of our town statuary, some cold weather gear appropriate for the holidays.  Can’t take credit for the idea, someone did it the first year we moved here.  The tradition seems to have fallen by the wayside the last couple years, so I decided to revive it.  A trip to the thrift on half off Saturday, a few zip ties, and the sheriffs deputy who just kept on driving when they saw me installing the gear.

I swear these statues used to by lit by permanent lighting, but there was no fixture there when I installed the scarves.  So, wanting the installation to be visible at night I bought a solar garden flood light to illuminate it.  I let it charge all day in my yard and I installed it after dinner tonight. I set it to its low setting, so it should last all night. 

‘Tis The Season (Part 2)…

New Backyard Lights

Well, here’s the new light set up I have for the back yard this year.  I got 4-50′ LED strands at Home Depot on Black Friday for like $6 each.  The spruce trees are so big, both girth and height, that I could really use double the lights on each tree.  Maybe next year, or maybe I’ll do something else.  I like how the little sized lights look, but when I originally thought of putting lights on these trees I thought of using C-7 or C-9 sized LED lights.  But to make that practical I might have to go to a commercial supplier, that would be like 200 feet on each tree.  Oh well, more for me to obsess over…

The Days Are Getting Shorter…

They are getting noticeably shorter these day, it being fall and everything.  It’s especially noticeable for me, as my job had me at certain locations every day, at fairly consistent times.  And having 3-day weekends most weeks, due to my 4/10 schedule, makes the profession that much more noticeable.  That being said, the sunsets over the last few nights have been spectacular.  Living basically right against the continental divide provides a dramatic setting as well.


The first night recently that I have stopped to take a couple pictures, only having my cell phone with me, and remembering that I have been meaning to toss my point and shoot digital in my work bag.


Hard to get great shots with the lack of manual options on my phone software, but I like the composure on this one, which you should be able to make out if there isn’t too much glare on your screen.

Day 2 Sunset

More spectacular colors the next night, and I played a little with the exposure in a different app, but still really wished I had a better/real camera.